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The health needs and demands of the Filipinos have changed significantly over the years. With this evolution comes the challenge for health professionals, including pharmacists, to maintain their social relevance and improve on their technical competence to provide a wider array of health service options to patients and clients. At the Philippine Pharmacists Association, there is an overwhelming recognition that as the individual pharmacist builds on his individual technical proficiency, there is a bigger responsibility for the professional group to make the pharmacist more recognized by the community as a visible and reliable partner for health and wellness. Advocating for timely health issues, underlining the potential positive contribution to the Filipino pharmacist, is a critical component of the bigger agenda for improving the social standing of the health professionals in the country. Using various health issues and advocacies as entry points, there is massive opportunity for pharmacists to influence health outcomes of the people. A huge part of the transformation of the health landscape also is technology, which should be optimized in order to address previous limitations and gaps in practice. Both advocacy and technology are critical instruments for pharmacists to adequately provide only appropriate, high quality care to patients, families and communities. This year's conference has four (4) plenary sessions that are themed thematically using the required continuing professional development (CPD) areas to ensure that the participants will gain holistic learning from the convention - (1) Professional and Technical Competence; (2) Ethical and Regulatory Competence; (3) Environmental Factors and Global Trends; and (4) Social and Administrative Skills. For more information, please click this link: http://www.tiny.cc/2018NatConLetter

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The Schedule for the 2018 CPD Seminars hosted by the PPhA, Inc. through the local chapters can be viewed at  http://tiny.cc/PPhACPD2018

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